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dear xxx (write line leaders, personnel managers will do):

hello! thank you for your busy schedule to visit my job resume.

my name is xxx, is a financial management professional graduates. my career goal is to make a good financial management professional managers.

undergraduate at the university, the scholarship to obtain a first-class, second five times, third once; and served as minister of economics and management college girls; in 2014, 2014 have been rated "outstanding cadres," "outstanding young volunteers", and joined the communist party of china.

in march 2014 joined the beijing hualian commercial co., ltd. chung-fu, start from the cashier, after half a year of assessment, in september 2014 to do transfer between accounts and responsible for the management of fixed assets accounting. chung hua fu from beijing hualian group and the french a hundred years old fauchon catering joint venture enterprise as a luxury brand, the customer as a high-income customer base. after three years of work, i achieved success by the capacity of students to staff changes, not only improve the operational capacity and, more importantly, learned how to work, how to team to play its role, how relationships with customers, and suppliers with the leadership to get along with colleagues. i think in all aspects have been upgraded.

very much looking forward to have the luck to your company. in your company to provide a platform for continuous learning and growth, creating value for your company.




beloved leaders:


xxxx i am a fresh college graduates, professional financial accounting, i would like to do to your unit and its related accounting work.

university for four years, i not only pay attention to the basic course of study, and emphasis on ability. in school, i pay close attention to time, to study hard in order to complete the outstanding achievements of the basis of the theory of learning. at the same time, i also have plans to take time to read all kinds of books, magazines, are striving to expand their knowledge and keep up with the pace of the era. apart from the study, out of college, i try to capture every opportunity to exercise, and get along with others at different levels, so that close contact with their own society, the feelings of life, life tastes sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, so that their mature as soon as possible.

now i want to go to work to your organization so that the theory and practice of knowledge combine, to make their life there is a qualitative leap.

choice of units, wages and the treatment is not what i consider the first condition. i pay more attention to the overall image of the unit, management, staff morale and the working atmosphere. i believe that is what i am seeking your organization's desired objectives. i am confident the commitment to you: choose me, you will not regret it.




dear personnel manager:


first of all, a sincere thank you from his busy schedule to take some time to see my自荐信information.

my name is zhang haibo, is the stuff of the 06 fiscal school graduates. i am about to enter a new society has been well prepared to enter society. steady work, his enthusiasm, friendship and good at communicating with others, exchange and cooperation, focus on the ideological and moral cultivation, strict demands on themselves.

in school, i passed on the "corporate financial accounting," "basic accounting", "fiscal and monetary", "office automation", "accounting skills", "mid-level cash register", "<market>>, such as courses of study . have solid expertise and excellent professional skills. accounting staff has been able to master the specific work. i study accounting, patient care work, and i am a student of the school's vice minister of the organization department. strong organizational capacity, to fulfill their duties are often the recognition of teachers. but i do not like these, a qualified accounting staff is my eternal pursuit of the eight workers on accounting matters that i strive for excellence, there is strong interest.

3 years寒窗studying with students of mutual understanding, mutual encouragement, mutual concern and learn together to grow the success of not only experienced at the time of rejoice and enjoy loss irritability failure. perhaps, by doing so, i culture into the needs of the community, do not give up on the target jumped, optimistic, progressive, have a stronger psychological capacity of the practitioners.

therefore, i have full confidence and hope, i believe that they are not the best, but i believe i am one of the most effort. in this full of opportunities and competition, and i'm keen to have my knowledge and skills services for your company and look forward to you please give me a chance to display their talent.

sincerely look forward to good news from you, i will be most grateful.

祝贵the company's business success!




i was born in the beautiful scenery of the border town - linjiang, 97 years with outstanding results, i went to the jilin university of technology school of economics and management, then opened a new chapter in my life. i have been as a school class party branch secretary of the corporation, a busy train and exercise not only my ability to work and more training to solve the problem of my ability, so that the problems faced when i can calm analysis, careful thought, and this all for me the choice of professionals have had a profound impact.

i do a good job at the same time, but also actively participate in school activities and to encourage students to participate, for their advice; in everyday life, i was able to closely unite the students, i believe that the collective force is strong, only we拧成一股绳, in order to do a good job.

the needs of socialist modernization is a comprehensive quality management personnel, so i have to learn professional knowledge, the main english and computers, in english, i am training to strengthen my listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; in the computer, the i start from the basic knowledge to further grasp the various functions of the office, but also self-learning of basic knowledge of the internet can be used flexibly. professional after the elections, in order to broaden their own knowledge, i also participated in the study accounting mastered basic accounting software applications and excel applications. in order to study their own expertise to jest ǎ  mao wei liang薓unloading a few cases of ba-related teaching materials, such as strategic management, corporate governance, financial management, capital operation and so on, and apply it in their practical work.

"sea diving with width, height鸟飞days", i hope you can give me an opportunity to display their talent, i will work hard, study hard and expertise to live up to my expectations of the company.


财会英文自荐信 来源:

april 13,2014

room 212 building 343

tsinghua university,beijing 100084

ms. yang:

i was referred to you by mr. zhang, a partner with your beijing office, who informed me that the shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your auditor program.

i have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an auditor last year with the beijing office of cccc. i will be receiving my mba this may from tsinghua university. i am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. i understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. my background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive auditor upon completion of your development program.

i will be in the shanghai area the week of april 16. please call me at 136001216901 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. i look forward to meeting you then.